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MOC Supreme Headquarters
604 Braddock Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

Phone: 412-824-2240
Fax: 412-824-1850

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Our Favorite Slogans:

"Keep 'em Smilin' in
Beds of White"

"Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee"

"Increase and Multiply"

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"Honor, Loyalty,
Perseverance and Industry"

"The Honor Degree
of the VFW"

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Listen Cooties,

I would like to thank all who attended and supported my homecoming, we had a great time. I would also like to specifically thank the homecoming committee for all the long hours and hard work they put in to make it such a great success.

It’s time for our Grand conventions and the Supreme reps are assigned. Make sure your Grand gets inspected and all your paperwork is complete. Remember, if your Grand is not at 80% inspected you will not be able to vote at Supreme Convention.

The year has flown by and what a great year it has been. We should be doing better in membership! So, go out and get that new member to take those backwards steps!

There are some new by laws to be looked at and voted on at convention so make sure you read them and be ready to vote.

As the year ends, I would like to thank all my officers, both elected and appointed, for a job well done! Also, a special thanks to my Chief of Staff Rod Fifield. He has put in a lot of hours and it shows. He has made this organization great, not only for me but everyone he has come in contact with. Thank you Rod!

If I don’t get to see you at your Grand convention I hope to see you in N. Carolina for the Supreme Scratch.

Thanks again for a GREAT year!


Donald Lynch

Yours in L.O.T.C.S,

Donald Lynch
Supreme Commander 2015-2016