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Listen Up Cooties,

Well we are off and running on the “Fight for What’s Right” year. As YOUR Supreme Commander I have traveled (by driving) over 3400 miles in the first month. I attended the Homecoming for the Supreme President and then drove from Helena Montana to Reno Nevada for the Commander-in-Chief John Stroud’s Homecoming and returned to Alamogordo another 1197 miles. I am so proud to represent all of you at these functions. Because, as I have said before, and will continue to say, this has nothing to do about me! It’s all about Supreme, Grand and Pup Tents!!! You are the ones that make this work.

In the morning, I am leaving for Kansas City to attend the VFW Council of Administration as YOUR Supreme Commander and then a few days later hop on a plane for Pittsburg PA for Sharing and Caring and attending the PA MOC Council Meeting in Mercer PA.  This time I will have the Supreme QM Gary with me so I feel safe!!!

Cooties, as I asked before, Grand Commanders PLEASE use the Supreme appointments you have available to you – they are in the Program Book. We need to get these done so the Cootie can wear his or her tassels for the whole year not just a month or so.

Charles and Don, this will be a busy year so plan on making some trips!  Grand Commanders if you are requesting a Supreme Rep PLEASE get the request to Supreme as soon as possible, as you can see I am on the road A LOT but you Cooties are my life and if I can come I will, if I can’t you may see the Senior Vice or Junior Vice.

Have a great year and let’s try to be as close to 100% in programs as soon as possible so we can really push membership.

DON’T FORGET Supreme Commanders Homecoming September 26-28 in Albuquerque NM.  Registration forms are on the Cootie web site or…


Supreme Commander Dave Wimmer


Yours in LOTCS,

Dave Wimmer
Supreme Commander 2014-2015