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Listen Cooties,

It is that time of year; our summer has passed and we are getting into winter.  Along with winter comes cabin fever.  Please get out to visit those that can't get out; keep them smiling in beds of white!  There are a lot of veterans out there that can’t get out for whatever reason.  So, give them a call, see if you can help and make sure they are OK.

I have just arrived home from Tomb Trek.  I was also at the National Home for Children the week before that. Time sure flies when you’re having phun!!!  I have been meeting a lot of new Cooties and Auxiliary members and love talking to all of them.

The year is going good so far.  You should have had time to get your inspection completed by now and sent into the Supreme Inspector Bill Hustad.  Don't wait until the last minute!  If you do, you won’t have a vote at Supreme convention.  Also, you should have your Supreme special project and bond completed.  Now it is time to work on your membership and hospital work.  Go out and visit a nearby post and let them know what we stand for and what we do.  We are the fun order!!!  There are also a lot of Cooties out there in VFW posts that are doing hospital work and not reporting it because there Pup Tent folded and they don't know who to turn it in to.  Transfer them into your Pup Tent and help them report what they are doing.

Remember, December 5th is cootie Christmas at the VFW National Home for Children.  We will be there to celebrate with the children.  Finally, we will be rededicating our Cootie monument that was just finished and looks great!

Best wishes to all celebrating a birthday or anniversary!

Donald Lynch

Yours in L.O.T.C.S,

Donald Lynch
Supreme Commander 2015-2016