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I wanted each of you to know that if I am unable to attend your convention it is due to some very serious medical problems at this time. You all should know that if I could be there I would be as I love visiting all of you. But without the treatments you more than likely wouldn’t see me again. That ain’t gonna happen!!!!!!

I have started chemo and radiation for 6 weeks. I have been through 3 operations so far and several procedures and have to tell you this body is getting worn out! BUT quitting is not in my brain – if I have to crawl into the Supreme Scratch I will, I don’t give up easily.  You may not even know who I am in Pittsburg after all this. Just look for the bald, short guy with no teeth and a gold hat and that should be me..

Please if you get a call from Gary or Gordon know that they have talked to me and what they are saying is what I would have said. If you asked for a rep for your convention you will get one – if you asked for me in March or April I can’t be there due to travel restrictions, chemo and radiation. I am 100% sure you all can understand this. This has not been one of the most favorite times in my life and at times very painful but I am still YOUR Supreme Commander and will be for the term.

I ask if you have problems or questions contact Gary, Charles Young, Don Lynch or Gordon they are all very much up on everything and can provide the answers or find one.
If there is a decision to be made by the Commander (me) I have asked that Gary and Gordon contact Charles since most days I am under medication and would not want to make a decision that affects you.

Again thanks for the support during this hard time in my life. I hope to see all of you in Pittsburg!


Supreme Commander Dave Wimmer

Yours in LOTCS,

Dave Wimmer
YOUR Supreme Commander