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Military Order of the Cootie Medals


9997 Cootie of the Year Medallion
For recognition of that Special Cootie who has made extra
special effort through the year. Bronze with red ribbon.



9998 Seam Squirrel of the Year Medallion
A reward of the outstanding Seam Squirrel in your Grand. White ribbon.
Bronze medallion with logo and emblem on either side.



KHB100 Knights Hospitalier, Bronze Medallion
Comes complete with Red, White and Blue ribbon. For Special Recognition,
even for yourself! A great recognition for non-Cooties as well.


KHS 200

KHS 200 Knights Hospitalier, Silver Medallion
Awarded for superior effort on behalf of the MOC.


KHG 300 Knights Hospitalier, Gold Medallion


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