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MOC Supreme Headquarters
604 Braddock Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

Phone: 412-824-2240
Fax: 412-824-1850

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Listen Cooties,

It has been an honor to be selected to be the "Crummiest of all for the time being."  Together I "believe" we will "Increase and Multiply" so that those "Atoms" wailing at our seams will take those backward steps to join our "Crummy Fraternity" and begin their journey as "Nits." Together I know that we can achieve 100% in membership in this year of our 100th anniversary of serving veterans and their families.  Some of you might be asking where my picture is...Well, someone spilled some Cootie Milk on it so it will be posted when it dries out.  Remember to have fun!

Yours in LOTCS,

Steve Ruger
Supreme Commander


Cootie Depot


If you're looking for Cootie gear the Cootie Depot has what you need!  Click Here to be taking to the Cootie gear Hunting Grounds!

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