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Supreme Commander's Message


Dear Cooties, Cuties, and/or Crummies:

Greetings and salutations from the crummiest of all (for the time being). Following in Commander Combs’ footsteps will be a challenge as he stayed on broken rocky surfaces (no trail).  The best of the best - that’s you - stepped up as some administrative functions were modified and communication was enhanced 1000% (in my opinion).  As a unit, we need to continue to modify our structure so that those in leadership positions have clear goals and support from Supreme to accomplish them.

Kudos to all the Pup Tents that are utilizing social media (i.e. Facebook) to advertise and record Cootie activity. Pictures and a description of the activity educate everyone who sees it.  If our Cooties and Auxiliary show their activities and pictures on their Facebook wall, membership will continue to Zoom as they are chronicled.  No one will beat your drum as well as you can - please do so.  We should include our MOCA in our pictures, as our partners can use some help on soliciting new membership.  The more hands, the better!

Congratulations on being able to “think out of the box” by letting our veterans in rest homes and hospitals know we have not forgotten or abandoned them. Your activities make each of us proud to be Cooties! Looking forward to another year of focused improvement activities in this lousy organization!

Yours in LOTCS,

Olin Parks
Supreme Commander

“Service Above Self”