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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update

August 2022

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Congratulations to our newly elected MOC Auxiliary Officers and Appointed Chairmen; we are going to be a great Team this year.  Congratulations to Dwight Hora for being our newly elected Supreme Commander.  We are both here to help and guide you!

To those who attended our Supreme Convention I wish each affected by the COVID outbreak a speedy recovery.  To my Cootie Family on both sides of the MOC/MOC Auxiliary house I want to Thank You for helping us make it through a very trying time.  You have continued to do your best to preserve our programs by helping our Veterans and their families through these past 2 years.  You have accomplished many things by thinking outside the box to achieve goals through amazing ideas.  We need to develop a line of communication for sharing ideas to achieve goals, raise funds and support those “In Beds of White.”  Auxiliaries, let you Grand or (NIG) Chaplains know about your ill or deceased members.  Get Well Soon and Prayers to those who lost loved ones.!

I am throwing out a “Challenge”  to increase our membership by EVERY Member.  For those who sign up 4 New or Reinstated members during this year, I will be giving out special gifts in addition to membership awards.  We must INCREASE to survive.  It’s our Veterans in Hospitals who suffer if we are not able to support them and their families.  In addition to our children’s scholarship program and the National Home, my special National Home project is the Music program.

To find anything MOC Auxiliary related, go to:  Or go the MOC Supreme home page: and click on the MOCA emblem to be redirected to the Auxiliary side.  Once there, look under Forms tab to find Office/Chairman forms.  Also, look under the News and Events tabs to find dates for upcoming events or important general orders.  There is much information to be found there.  Please read it all and make sure you pass it along.

Housekeeping:  It’s Dues time!  “Please” get your 2023 dues in!  Treasurers PLEASE do not hold them.  Remember 31 Dec is the deadline to remain in good standing.  The Audits for July, August and September will be due next month. Your Bonds should have been paid by the end of August and your 990 has to be done by November 15, 2022.

Cathy Seippel (and Tink)
Supreme President


“The Hopes and Dreams of
Our Hospitalized Veterans”