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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update

November 2019

Auxiliary Members,

Tomb Trek: I would like to personally thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to come out and honor our fallen veterans.

Treasurers: Please Do Not hold dues. Auxiliary Treasurers, please make sure when you receive 2020 dues from members, you are completing transmittals and sending dues to your Grand Treasurers. Grand Treasurers, please send those 2020 dues to our Supreme Treasurer: Penney Howard, P.O. Box 34, Flora Vista, NM 87415-0034. Auxiliaries Not In a Grand: Please send your 2020 dues and transmittals to Penney.

EIN Numbers: Each Auxiliary and Grand must have their own EIN number. If you do not have an EIN Number, please apply for one as soon as possible. Please contact Supreme Treasurer Penney Howard for any assistance. 

990: Each Auxiliary and Grand please remember to file your 990 each year to keep your nonprofit status.

Institution of New Auxiliary: Local Auxiliaries may be formed with the Application of Ten (10) or more eligible for membership as indicated above. They MUST BE NEW or REINSTATED members. TRANSFERRED members are NOT INCLUDED in the FIRST TEN. Evidence of ELIGIBILITY shall be submitted to the organizer, who shall have certification from the Seam Squirrel, that the Pup Tent voted at a regular Scratch (meeting) to have an Auxiliary. The organizer (MOC Auxiliary Member) must complete the charter application and mail to Supreme Treasurer with charter fee of $50.00.  

Membership: Our goal is to reach 100% in membership by retaining, recruiting and reinstating members. Remember to reach out to your current membership by contacting them via phone, letter or personal visit to encourage them to pay their 2020 dues. Don’t forget to hold membership drives and invite VFW Auxiliary members to attend to gain more information about the Military Order of the Cootie Auxiliary.

To those who are ill, our best wishes for a speedy recovery. To those who have lost loved ones, we extend our sympathy and prayers.

National Home Cootie Christmas: December 6 – December 7, 2019

Let’s continue Running To Support Our Veterans.


Marquitta “Nikki” Hill,
Supreme President
2019 - 2020