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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update

October 2023

Brothers and Sisters,j

This year is moving on fast.  Here it is October already.  Just remember Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner, then the New Year is upon us.  Please stay safe in all that you do during these holidays.

One important event on our horizon is the 88th Annual Tomb Trek.   

Every year we take this time to make the journey to Washington DC and to Arlington National Cemetery where we honor all Veterans and remember the sacrifices that they have made and the courage it took to defend honor, duty, and country.  We’re here to remember their achievements, their courage, and their dedication.  May we never forget.  I say thank you for all those sacrifices.

It was once said, “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.”

Millions of Americans have fought and died on battlefields here and abroad for our freedoms and way of life and today our troops continue to make the ultimate sacrifices, and even as we lose troops, more Americans step forward to say, I’m ready to serve. They follow in the footsteps of generations of fine Americans.

To all, I say thank you.  Let’s “Put our Boots on the Ground for Our Veterans in Beds of White”.  We may not know them all, but we do owe them all.

Billie Cassidy
Supreme MOCA President

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