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Debbie Thie

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U. S. Department of Veterans Affair’s Veteran Crisis Line.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The phone number is:

1-800-273-8255 Option 1

The service also offers confidential chat for veterans and their family members in need at:

Our Favorite Slogans:

"Keep 'em Smilin' in
Beds of White"

"Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee"

"Increase and Multiply"

Our Motto:

"Honor, Loyalty,
Perseverance and Industry"

"The Honor Degree
of the VFW"


What is a Chaplain?

MOCA chaplains are our nation's comrade veterans who minister to our nation's sons and daughters, and their families. Like any chaplain or minister, they must provide a dynamic and genuine ministry with a shepherd's heart.  Whether leading worship, visiting a hospital, conducting a final farewell to our comrades, or even answering a phone call just to talk, chaplains are always at the frontline of our veterans' lives.

Chaplains serve both God and country by bringing their unique gifts with which they are endowed by God, to the veterans of our nation in the broad, challenging, diverse, and ever changing environment.

Courtesy of Reverend Tom Darling

Auxiliary Members,

To those who are ill, our best wishes for a speedy recovery. To those who have lost loved ones we extend our deepest sympathy and prayers.  Please check below for details on those who are ill or who have passed away.

There is a new way to report Chaplain activities that will eliminate paperwork and consolidate all reports in one central location.  Use the link to the right to report all future Chaplain activities. 


Debbie Thie
Supreme MOCA Chaplain


Benita Lyman             (Sick with Flu)
14 Spencer Rd.
Wiggins, MS 39577

Marilyn Peck              (Surgery on ankle)
1737 W. Beacon Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92804

Ivy Schaffer                (Open Heart Surgery)
24366 Forest
Oak Park, MI 48327

Alice Reynolds           (Car Accident)
3802 Forest Hill Ave
Flint, MI 48504-3544


Bonnie Ruby                           (loss of Sister)
11173 Rumjan Lake Rd.
Fenton MI 48430-2453

Norma Van Etten                    (loss of Son, James White)
2201 E Carpenter Rd.
Flint MI 48505-1921             

PSP Linda  Lowrimore                       (Loss of Bill)
1016 Sumitt Circle
Carrollton TX 75006