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Military Order of the Cootie Casual Wear

299II         299   

399 Casual Belt with included Buckle.  This is the old military style belt with red webbing and your choice of 2 different buckles, one is black the other is nickel.  Both buckles are bottle openers.  Individuals should measure their waist and add 6 inches.  They will need to specify the length of belt needed which should include the extra 6 inches.  The buckle comes with matching end tab.  Some assembly is required. 

$20.00 for waist sizes 48 inches and smaller.  Cost includes webbing an buckle.

399A Casual Belt with included Buckle. Description, same as above.

$20.00 for waist sizes 48 inches and larger.  Cost includes webbing and buckle.

Alert! Alert! Remember to measure your waist and add 6 inches to the total amount.

3862      386                 

386 100 Year Anniversary Ball Cap



2103 Long Cootie Tie
Quality Satin Necktie with full-color Bug embroidered right on
the tie creates a sharp appearance for more formal events.



2201H Bolo Tie, With Horshoe Emblem
Red String, looks great with any uniform item.



2211 Red Clip-on Medallion Style Tie



9500 Red Cootie Suspenders
Suspenders even a fireman would love! These solid red
suspenders complement any pair of trousers, boxers,
anything that needs held up. Better than spending money
on a smaller pair of pants. Cheaper too!



9700 Tote Bag - This bag can be personalized and have either the MOC or MOCA emblem on it along with the individual's
name and title if they want.  The bag, as shown, has 12 shirts in it.  There is also a pocket for the individual's shoes.



9800 Belt Buckle - Honor Degree Pewter



9801 Gold Belt Buckle w/Red Bug



9920 Luggage tags

Set of 3 for $10.00  

9921 Luggage tags

Set of 6 for $15.00 


9970 Red Crew Socks, Thick



9971 Red Crew Socks, Thin


9973 Designer Socks

9973 Custom Designed Socks, Soccer style knee high socks that display a cootie on the front of the leg and spells out Cootie down the calf of your leg.  Can be ordered in sizes:  Large or Extra-large.



9999A Heavy Duty Hat Clip


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