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Military Order of the Cootie Coins


100 Year Anniversary Coin

9100 Military Order of the Cootie 100 Year Anniversary Coin

$10.00 Plus Shipping and Handling charges as detailed below. 

1-2 coins is $2.00
3-4 coins is $3.00
5-6 coins is $3.50
7-9 coins is $4.00
10 or more is $7.00

Alert!  Shipping and Handling Charges are automatically added.

9662 Front 9662 Back

9662 Military Order of the Cootie Challenge Coin
COOTIE CHALLENGE COIN w/Gold finish. Handy to have for those moments when a
challenge is issued. Official Seal on one side, Official Logo on the other.


9662L Front 9662L Front

9662L Military Order of the Cootie Life Member Challenge Coin
LIFE MEMBER CHALLENGE COIN w/Pewter finish. The coin has Life Member above the logo.
Reverse has the Official seal of the Military Order of the Cootie.