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MOC Supreme Headquarters
604 Braddock Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

Phone: 412-824-2240
Fax: 412-824-1850

Supreme E-mail

Supreme Geek

Our Favorite Slogans:

"Keep 'em Smilin' in
Beds of White"

"Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee"

"Increase and Multiply"

Our Motto:

"Honor, Loyalty,
Perseverance and Industry"

"The Honor Degree
of the VFW"



Membership Page

Alert! Alert! 

I "believe" that if we're as "busy as bees" we'll have another year of 100% membership!  So, let's keep on being totally "annoying" and "Invade those Seams" so that more Atoms will take those "backward steps" and become a part of our "Crummy Fraternity." 

Yours in LOTCS,

The Great Blue Louse
(Increase and Multiply)

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(Don't Forget your Cootie Milk and Happy Hunting!)