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MOC Supreme Headquarters
604 Braddock Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

Phone: 412-824-2240
Fax: 412-824-1850

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Our Favorite Slogans:

"Keep 'em Smilin' in
Beds of White"

"Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee"

"Increase and Multiply"

Our Motto:

"Honor, Loyalty,
Perseverance and Industry"

"The Honor Degree
of the VFW"

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Supreme Commander Jim


It is with great humility and understanding of the vast responsibility that I willingly accept in the position the membership has elected me to as MOC Supreme Commander.  I thank you for your trust and support as we begin another year.  It is a true honor to serve our organization.
I congratulate PSC Don Lynch and PSP Peggy Bell on their very successful year.  Together they lead the way for the MOC and MOCA to soon have a Cootie Home at the VFW National Home for Children.

I look forward to serving with MOCA Supreme President Lee Ann Lam. We are both here for you and our organization.  We look forward to meeting everyone at our reception during Tomb Trek.

I encourage Cooties to attend the Tomb Trek and the Cootie Christmas.  Once you attend them you’ll find yourself eagerly looking forward to the next year to return.
Thank you to all of the Cooties who attended the Supreme Convention in Charlotte, NC. Next year we will be in New Orleans, LA, which should be a lot of fun.

As we progress through the year please monitor on our MOC website reports for Membership, Inspections, Hospital, Blood and Special Projects Programs.  If you have a question, contact the program chairman.  Their email address is listed under each program. Please do not wait until near the end of the year to resolve questions or differences between your records and those shown in the reports.  Thank you Supreme Geek Dale Iannello for the improvements to the website.  Sharing information is a critical factor in supporting our Grands and Pup Tents.

As you participate in Cootie activities during the year please try to get some media coverage.  Hospital visits can be photographed and with a written article can be submitted to local newspaper.  Show the community the contribution your Pup Tent is providing.
Support your VFW Post.  One of my goals this year is to enhance our relationship with our VFW organization.  As fellow comrades we have a vested interest in assisting our Posts in having a successful year.  I realize many of our Cooties are already doing just that and I salute you for it.

Yours in Comradeship and L.O.T.C.S.,

James D. Malott
Supreme Commander

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